The candidate Andrés Arauz would win the elections in the first round with 45.9%, according to the Brazilian pollster

The Atlas Intel pollster of Brazil, a data company that works mainly for the financial market, carried out a study to analyze the social climate and the next elections to be held in February 2021. The results showed that the presidential candidate of the Political alliance Union for Hope (UNES), Andrés Arauz, would win the elections in the first round with 45.9%.

First, the survey reflects that 77.6% of Ecuadorians disapprove of the Government of the current President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno, and only 12.4% approve it.

Consequently, in another question, 78.2% of respondents do not agree to suspend the 2021 elections, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which, in the opinion of one of the pollster’s analysts, Leonardo Magalhaes, is evidenced that the country wants to change its President.

The results place the candidate of the Union for Hope (UNES), Andrés Arauz, with 45.9%, with which, the analyst said, he would win in the first electoral round.

In the event of a second round, Arauz would win with 48.2% and Guillermo Lasso, CREO’s candidate, would obtain 39.4% intention to vote and 12.5% ​​indecision.

«With this desire for change and the fact that the Government of Lenín Moreno adopted a minimal State, in a country where the State has never fully arrived, with a period of economic recession, the people want a change,» added the analyst .

In addition, in the first round results, at the beginning, they expected the voting to be more fragmented and the surprise was a much more decided scenario.

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