World Bank identifies setback in health and education in Ecuador during the last two years

This study was conducted before the pandemic and Ecuador went from position 66 in 2018 to 74 in 2020, among 174 nations.

The World Bank released its update of the study on the Human Capital Index. This is an international metric that identifies investments in human capital (knowledge, skills and health that people accumulate over the course of their lives) and that are essential for children to be able to unleash their potential and increase the economic growth of countries.

This study was conducted before the Covid-19 pandemic spread around the world and affected the financial and healthcare systems of most countries. In the report it was identified that Ecuador had a setback in health and education during the last two years.

The country went from position 66 in 2018 to position 74 in 2020, among 174 nations. Two years ago Ecuador’s score was 0.60 and today its score is 0.59.

This means that a girl born today in Ecuador will be 59% more productive when she grows up than she could be, if she enjoyed a complete education and full health.

In the last decade, the World Bank identified that the value of the Human Capital Index for Ecuador increased considerably, due to investment in health and education infrastructure.

On the other hand, in the study of this multilateral organization it is alerted that the Covid-19 pandemic endangers the advances in the creation of human capital achieved over a decade, including improvements in health, survival rates, school enrollment and stunting reduction.

«The impact that the pandemic has had on the economy has been especially strong for women and the most disadvantaged families, many of whom have been left in a situation of vulnerability in the face of food insecurity and poverty,» said David Malpass, president of the World Bank.


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