De facto president of Bolivia resigns from elections

Áñez alleges that she made the decision so that the Movement for Socialism (MAS) does not «win the elections.»

The de facto president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, announced this Thursday through a recorded message that she is resigning her candidacy for the elections on October 18.

Accompanied by her partner, Samuel Doria Medina, the de facto president assured that she was making this decision so that the Movement for Socialism (MAS) does not «win the election.»

Áñez had announced her candidacy for the Presidency on January 24, amid strong tensions that highlighted her transitory nature at the head of the country and demanded that she call national elections.

Days later, the de facto ruler announced Doria Medina as her proposal for vice president, through the Juntos alliance, which united Democrats, National Unity and local forces such as Sol.Bo and Unidos de Tarija.

On the other hand, several national polls have identified the MAS candidate, Luis Arce, as a possible winner of the elections, which also left Áñez a long way from reaching the presidential seat. At the same time, the National Unity Party this Wednesday withdrew its support for her candidacy.

For his part, the former Bolivian president, Evo Morales, affirmed that Áñez’s resignation from his «failed candidacy» will guarantee him to get away with «the scandalous cases of corruption» that he faced during his administration, as well as the «genocide» of Senkata and He took out.

«Those who starred in the neoliberal crisis – Adenistas, Miristas and Emenerristas – want to continue the looting of Bolivia through the reissue of the sadly famous mega-coalition in the midst of the critical situation we are experiencing,» Morales said.

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