Kichwas communes demand reparation for health damages due to oil spill in Orellana

The communities mobilized towards the Governor of the province of Orellana to demand their rights.

The Kichwa Communes of the province of Orellana came to the Governor’s Office in order to demand reparation and justice for the effects of the oil spill, on April 7, a fact that would have limited the communities’ access to water and food.

In the Coca and Napo rivers there was high contamination due to the oil spill on April 7, which affected the indigenous communities located next to the river bed.

These communities were not alerted to this environmental contamination, so they continued to use this water and fish in them.

This impact on the rivers has produced skin infections and stomach problems in girls and boys from 60 communities.

It should be remembered that more than 150 indigenous communities in the provinces of Sucumbíos, Napo and Orellana are directly affected by the oil spill that occurred on April 7.

Environmental NGOs and local leaders point out that more than 27 thousand people have problems with access to water and food.

In addition, the serious health crisis that affects the country is added, unfortunately the members of these communities stayed at home complying with the quarantine established, without being alerted and totally depending on the rivers to supply water and food.

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