Government owes two months of salary to health personnel of several public hospitals in the middle of the health emergency

Workers demand the payment of their salaries from the month of June.

Health professionals in hospitals and medical centers of the Ministry of Health (MSP) warn that the Government has not paid their salaries for the month of July.

The Guayas Provincial Medical Association (Comeprog) registers many complaints, and points out that there are health professionals on all lines who are in a difficult situation due to the delay in their salaries.

«Doctors, nursing assistants, who work in pharmacies, sub-centers, outpatient clinics; internal and rural doctors, in certain hospitals they do not receive their salaries, «says Dr. Jim Cedeño, representative of the college.

The spokesperson indicates that they have spoken with assembly members of the Health Commission to comply with the payments of the professionals who fight every day to control the pandemic and other diseases of the population.

In the city of Ambato, postgraduate doctors demand their pending payments from the Ministry of Health.

“Months ago we were treated like heroes and now there is labor abuse, not only due to delays in payments, there is also overexploitation because there are still not enough personnel in the entities to serve in these pandemic conditions, there are many who are yet to be reintegrated », lamented the doctor.

This situation is worrying because many professionals buy insurance supplies from their salary to protect themselves and work.

“It is no secret that the provision of biosafety supplies is limited in hospitals, because what does not cover the need, I know many doctors who bought their masks that cost around USD 60, they also have to pay USD 20 a month to change The filters. They also buy batonas, and other supplies. How can they work if they don’t have their pay, ”he stresses.

In Guayaquil, public hospitals would have canceled the salaries of professionals until June, but not all, those hired due to the contingency of the pandemic, are waiting for their salaries, despite continuing to work.

Health professionals from Hospital del Niño, Guasmo and the University demand their salaries that are owed to them, such as overtime and reserve funds.

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