Authorities prefer to be cautious before allowing tourists to enter the beaches

Source: El Comercio
Source: El Comercio

Only five beaches in Esmeraldas and one in El Oro are open to visitors since August 5. The rest prefer to wait.

Once the national Emergency Operations Committee (COE) authorized the rehabilitation of 40 beaches in five provinces of the country, on August 5, only five in Esmeraldas and one in El Oro will be opened. The rest will do so gradually.

Although the national COE issued this provision, it also left the reopening date to the criteria of the cantonal COE.

At the moment, the beaches of Tonsupa, Atacames, Same, Súa and Tonchigüe, in Esmeraldas, will serve tourists this Wednesday. Likewise, the Bajo Alto spa, in the El Guabo canton, El Oro province, will do so. Controls will be applied in all these places to avoid crowds.

The Distance2 video surveillance system will be installed on the different beaches, which uses about 178 cameras, megaphones and drones to verify compliance with distance and biosafety standards.

In Atacames, for example, the hotels and restaurants that were enabled have preventive measures, signs and evacuation plans in cases of earthquakes and tsunamis.

Atacames Mayor Freddy Saldarriaga asked travelers to follow biosafety protocols.

Puerto López, in Manabí, decided not to open its beaches. The COE reported that a drone and megaphone system has yet to be installed for monitoring the ECU-911.

Crucita, in Portoviejo, will not be enabled either. But it is expected that on August 19 it will resume its activity. However, the Municipality worked on surveillance plans.

A study determined that the capacity of Crucita is 4,000 people, but they plan to reduce it to 2,000.

In Manta, however, the authorities want to wait and will review their decision in the next 15 days.

A similar decision was made in Esmeraldas. Mayor Lucía Sosa said that it is not appropriate to do so, because the number of infections is still on the rise.

Meanwhile, the mayors of the three cantons of Santa Elena and the Prefect decided that tourists should arrive at their beaches starting on August 25.

In the case of Guayas, the Mayor’s Office of General Villamil Playas has not yet authorized the entry of tourists to its spas.

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