Teachers demand payment of their June wages

The Minister of Education announced that Finance would complete the cancellation until next week.

Through social networks, several teachers from fiscal educational institutions indicated that until Tuesday, July 14, they would not have received their salaries for June.

The teachers demanded that the Ministry of Finance cancel the outstanding values.

According to the Minister of Education, Monserrat Creamer, Finance will complete the payment until next week.

Teachers from the Mejía School, in Quito, put up posters at the main entrance of the educational institution and also released photos from their homes with messages such as:

“Working even though I don’t get paid. I need my salary, creditors harass me. My salary belongs to my family, we demand immediate payment. I am committed to the country’s education, I have not stopped my work, I demand that my rights acquired with effort and honest work not be violated. ”

The teachers pointed out that they got ahead with their own resources by having to teach from their homes.

They stated that they financed the Internet connection and that the Government must know that they need to cancel the companies that provide this service.

Ximena D., a teacher at a public institution, has her daughter sick with allergic rhinitis, but since she has not paid for private insurance, she cannot have her cared for and prefers not to expose her to social security.

On July 13, the so-called Nueva UNE, denounced that due to lack of payment, teachers with coronavirus symptoms do not have money to confirm whether they have the virus or not.

Isabel Vargas, representative of the union, assured that they are working on gathering information at the national level to know how many cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the teaching profession.

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