Quito registers 20 cases of Covid19 every hour, according to a doctor

Gregorio Montalvo, doctor, academic and researcher, stressed that the country’s health situation is complex. However, in Quito it is critical since the cases have doubled to the point that 20 new infections are registered every hour.

In this context, he described as worrying that the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, insists that the problem in the capital is not dramatic.

Hospitals have exceeded their responsiveness and there is an average of 50 people waiting for an intensive care unit bed each day and between 50 and 80 patients for a moderate bed.

«It means that with the offer that 14 new beds will be opened, on the first day it will be filled with 30% of people who are waiting.»

«There is a mortality and contagibility attributable to people who are drinking on the streets, so we ask that they be asked to enter the Ley Seca and the answer is that not much is gained by prohibiting the sale of alcohol because people will look for another way to consume.»

He indicated that it is not necessary to return to confinement, but decisions can be made in sectors such as Chillogallo or Guamaní where 20 cases are reported each day, respectively.

The expert noted that there is already an impact on mortality registered in Quito. So far there are 534 deaths without calculating the surplus that was 40% in May, June 30%: «And July will surely be between 40% and 50%».

Montalvo regretted that despite all the data, the national authority continues to relax measures that give the wrong message to citizens, who do not take the necessary measures to take care of their health.

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