Bolsonaro is denounced at UN for negligence towards indigenous peoples

(Prensa Latina) Brazilian Senator Fabiano Contarato reportedly denounced far-right President Jair Bolsonaro at the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for his negligence in protecting indigenous peoples.

The congressman’s office affiliated to the Sustainability Network (REDE) party cited in its lawsuit Bolsonaro’s vetoes that free the Brazilian government from its obligation to provide drinking water, hygiene and hospital beds to the native communities, journalist Mônica Bergamo says in her Tuesday’s article in Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

The former military man was denounced in November by non-governmental organizations at the International Criminal Court for the recklessness with which he treats  native peoples.

Last week, seven parliamentary fronts in Brazil described the veto to a law designed to provide indigenous communities access to basic, medical and economic services to fight the Covid-19 pandemic as a genocidal policy of the Bolsonaro government.

So far, according to the Indigenous People Report, 12,048 cases and 445 deaths from coronavirus in cities and non-urban regions of Brazil.

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