Parliament of Uruguay approves law denounced as ‘neoliberal’

Photo: Prensa Latina
Photo: Prensa Latina

(Prensa Latina) The majority right-wing coalition of Uruguay imposed a legislative draft in the Chamber of Deputies that the opposition Frente Amplio (Broad Front) described as ‘unconstitutional, anti-popular, repressive and regressive.

Before the vote at dawn with the foreseeable result of votes, the left-wing party reaffirmed its judgment on the so-called Urgent Consideration Law (LUC) after days of debates for each of its 476 articles.

For the Frente Amplio deputies, the hard core of this project points to ‘authoritarian neoliberalism, which tends to weaken the State in its functions of regulating private business and social equalization, and increasing its power of force for the repression and criminalization of workers and the most disadvantaged sectors of society’.

The statement recalls that the LUC merited the widest rejection by social organizations, national and international institutions, the academy, and recognized experts from the widest spectrum, who stated that many of its contents violate civil liberties and guarantees.

The statement also emphasizes that the government’s urgencies are very far from the urgencies of the popular majorities and the most disadvantaged sectors of society, and denounces that the law’s sole objective is to suddenly impose a government program, modifying dozens of laws and public policies through the abusive use of an instrument that is not intended for that purpose.

In the last session, which lasted until dawn, the Frente Amplio contributed its votes to approve the creation of the Environment, but with some qualms about its limited scope.

On the contrary, it refused to accompany what would make financial inclusion more flexible, on the understanding that it generates a setback that opens the door to informality and affects workers.

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