Communities of Santa Elena and Guayas will work on mangrove conservation

USD 1.2 million will be invested for this initiative.

Approximately 200 families from the community of Palmar, in Santa Elena, and from the Isla Puná and Puerto El Morro, in Guayas, will work on mangrove conservation.

The Ministry of the Environment (MAE) signed an agreement with the Escuela Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) and the Fondo de Inversión Ambiental Sostenible (FIAS) to promote the sustainable use of mangrove swamps in these areas, through the cultivation of oysters and brown shell. .

According to the MAE, the community members will receive training for the development of macroalgae and bioproducts.

In addition, USD 1.2 million will be allocated for the development of this initiative.

Cecilia Paredes, rector of ESPOL, thanked the Ministry for the commitment to protect the mangrove swamp and provide life alternatives.

Mangroves in Ecuador represent 8% of the vegetation cover, but the populations of marine species are overexploited in these ecosystems.

This situation has caused degradation and contamination in the mangroves that prevent soil erosion and salinization of agricultural fields.

Source: Primicias, social networks

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