Rights and Justice Observatory questions the evidence presented in the «Sobornos» case

It is noted that there were violations of due process against Teodoro Calle and Edgar Salas

María Dolores Miño, director of the Observatory of Rights and Justice of Ecuador, questioned the evidence with which the criminal court, made up of judges Iván Saquicela, Iván León and Marco Rodríguez, issued a conviction in the case “Bribes 2012-2016”.

“The test is an excel document that anyone could have done, it can be an initial test but it cannot be the mother test of a process. In addition, two of the defendants resorted to effective cooperation and are the ones who present the green files; at least one should doubt this or seek to strengthen what we found with documentary evidence. ”

She noted that the Observatory has made the analysis of the cases of Teodoro Calle and Edgar Salas, who, she said, were violated due process:

«There is no question of innocence or guilt, but rather the behavior and behavior of the judicial authorities.»

Miño said that there was a lot of carelessness of the court at the time of issuing the sentence, since innocence or guilt cannot be assumed but must be demonstrated with causal links between the facts and the evidence.

«In the sentence they say that Teodoro Calle was involved in an invoice crossing, but when he goes to previous parts he realizes that the invoice does not correspond to the man but to another defendant. In the case of Salas, she says that her guilt is proven with regard to the testimony of one of the suppliers, but she did not even refer to the company of Edgar Salas or about her.

She referred to the issue of invoices, which indicated that by itself it does not demonstrate that there were crosses to promote bribes but that they are documents for any service.

On that basis, she reiterated that the sentence has a badly made motivation, which disrupts the presumption of innocence.

«We are facing a situation that has to be reversed by the higher court.»

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