MSP recognizes irregularities in the issuance of disability cards and announces actions to sanction those responsible

The government will review all the cards delivered during the health emergency.

After the announcement of the President, Lenín Moreno, about various actions to follow up on the processes for issuing disability cards granted by the Ministry of Health (MSP), the ministers reported seven decisions to correct the reported cases and sanction the responsible officials of the “fraudulent” issue of this document.

Through a statement the health ministry indicated that it has identified «a series of inconsistencies and irregularities» and announced the following measures:

1.-Suspend access codes to the online Computer System, while confidentiality agreements are signed with each official who complies with the qualification team.

2.- Presentation of the respective complaints to the State Attorney General, against officials and former officials of the institution involved in these alleged acts of corruption.

3.- Administrative sanction actions against the servers that have failed to comply with the regulations and their own obligations, according to the investigations.

4.- Complaints will continue to be filed, as the actions carried out on the physical and digital files that appear in the Line Information System (SIL) progress.

5.- Review of all disability cards issued during the health emergency.

6.- Development of the new software for the National Electronic Disability System, which will automate the qualification process to avoid manipulation in the issuance of cards.

7.- Issuance of a Ministerial Agreement to reform the “Internal Regulations for the Qualification, Requalification and Accreditation of Persons with Disabilities or with Disability Deficiency or Condition”.

According to the MSP, these measures are necessary to sanction those involved in these events and «to guarantee that the benefits are channeled to the people who are entitled by law.»

Source: Ministry of Health

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