MAS-IPSP party denounces exclusion of its presidential candidate

(Prensa Latina) The Movement Towards Socialism-Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of Peoples (MAS-IPSP) party reiterated on Wednesday the denunciation of attempts to exclude its candidate Luis Arce from the upcoming elections, by Bolivia’s de facto government.

The organization, counting on the most popular support in the country, attributed in a press release the official strategy of removing the politician and former economy minister from the elections as a desperate strategy by the coup executive for fear of losing at the polls.

‘The certainty of the electoral failure of the de facto government’s candidacy triggered a desperate and violent action by the Jeanine Añez’s regime,’ explains the press release on Wednesday by the MAS-IPSP.

‘That is why, we denounce to national and international public opinion that the authorities intend to disable our candidate for the Presidency of Bolivia by the MAS-IPSP, Luis Arce Catacora,’ the text adds.

‘The approval by the Electoral Court of the timetable for the elections thwarted the de facto government’s plans to extend itself in power, MAS-IPSP assured.

The party recalls that the constitutional bodies make the elections viable for September 6 because the current executive announced in November the call for that consultation ‘within three months.’

The coupmongers are working to hold the elections on that date due to the current health, political and economic crisis that demands the prompt return of full democracy to Bolivia, according to the press release by the Movement Towards Socialism.

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