‘El Mangajo’ may accumulate a maximum sentence of 40 years for sexual crimes

This Monday he received a fourth conviction.

Juan Andrés VV, known as ‘El Mangajo’, was sentenced to 13 years in prison after being found guilty of the crimes of making and distributing pornography with the use of children and adolescents, referred to in articles 103 and 104 of the Organic Code Integral Penal (COIP).

The trial was held this Monday, June 29 at the Azuay Judicial Complex amid restrictions for the type of crime and biosecurity measures. With this sentence ‘El Mangajo’ adds four sentences.

Alexandra Arízaga, defense attorney for one of the victims, said that the judges of the first instance considered that there was an “ideal crime competition”, that is, that there are several types of criminal offenses that are complemented by the same conduct for which the penalty is applied. More serious.

The judges have confirmed that the citizen photographed and distributed this material among minors, men and women, in sexually explicit situations.

In addition, all those elements of conviction came from the cell phone of the defendant.

Arízaga, who also analyzed the videos, reported that the age of the smallest victim would be about seven years,

On June 13, 2019, Juan Andrés V.V. received his first sentence for raping a 15-year-old girl. The Court gave him 29 years in prison, a sentence that was appealed in second instance and married before the National Court, but was finally rejected and his execution is awaited.

The second sentence against the defendant was given in December 2019 with the same sentence, 29 years and 4 months. The third ruling was three years for being found guilty of distributing pornographic material with minors.

Despite this series of sentences, Juan Andrés V. V. may only accumulate a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison, as provided by the COIP. He was detained on July 26, 2018 during raids on his home and a hostel, where other evidence was found.

Source: El Universo, social networks

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