Presidential elections of 2021 will not change the date, confirms CNE president

After the announcement of the possible candidacy of Rafael Correa, “all people who are not disabled, who are in full exercise of political rights, can participate”

After several requests from political organizations to postpone the 2021 general elections, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Diana Atamaint, confirmed that the electoral calendar has not moved and the elections will take place on February 7, as planned before.

In a television interview in a national media, the CNE president said that the institution must carry out an electoral process that guarantees transparency and citizen participation in the next elections.

After the announcement by former President Rafael Correa to become a candidate, if they leave him, for the vice-presidency of Ecuador, Atamaint said that “all people who are not disabled, who are in full exercise of political rights, can participate.”

The former president said “she has to look at her conditions and how justice is progressing, because we all know that she has pending judicial processes that are not final.”

With respect to the Comptroller’s report, in which they predetermine responsibilities with dismissal and a fine for Diana Atamaint, José Cabrera and Esthela Acero, for alleged non-compliance with recommendations, the president of the CNE recognized the powers of the control body.

Likewise, she clarified that there are exclusive exclusive powers that the CNE has regarding the organization of electoral processes, the legal life of political organizations and guaranteeing participation rights.

The comptroller’s recommendation is to withdraw the legal status of Libertad es Pueblo, Podemos, Justicia Social y Fuerza Compromiso Social.

Days ago, Atamaint said that they do not rule out taking actions against the comptroller Pablo Celi for a “clear interference in the electoral process that is already underway”, which is described as a very serious offense and could lead to the dismissal of the authority that is provoke.

Source: Ecuavisa – Direct Contact

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