Municipalities demand pending payments to President Moreno and announce mobilizations

The municipalities warn that, if on July 15 they are not received by the President, «we do not want intermediaries», on the 16th the activities of the municipalities of Zone 5 will be paralyzed

The representative of the Association of Municipalities of Ecuador (AME) of regional 5, Edson Alvarado, announced that the 51 mayors of Guayas, Los Ríos, Santa Elena, Bolívar and Galápagos will protest in Guayaquil to demand from the National Government the payments due to their municipalities.

After the protest, Alvarado said, they will deliver a manifesto to the Governor of Guayas, Pedro Pablo Duart, to be his connection with the President of the Republic, Lenín Moreno and deliver this claim.

«We are not going to do excesses or anything,» Alvarado clarified in a press conference, the morning of this June 29, 2020. He reported that they are USD84 million. The amount deposited for the municipalities does not even mean 10% of the amount owed. «The debt is USD 984 million,» he said.

After the march in Guayaquil, they will go to Carondelet on July 15 to try to meet with the Ecuadorian President.

«We do not want more intermediaries, or ministers,» he said.

Finally, he warned that, if they are not received by the Head of State, the municipalities that make up Zone 5 will paralyze their activities. In addition, he called for the national president of the AME to speak for the amounts owed.

Source: Expreso

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