In Ecuador, only 4.5% accessed the unemployment insurance of 245,000 dismissed

IESS paid more than 12 million for this item in recent months

The Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) announced that in the last few months, close to 245,000 employee layoffs were reported in a dependency relationship, but only 11,000 people applied for unemployment insurance, this represents only 4.5%.

In March, 1,452 requests to access this benefit were reported, in April 4,186, in May 2,462. The June figures are not yet closed.

According to the provisions of the Humanitarian Support Law, until July of this year, people who lose their jobs will be able to access this benefit from 10 days after their termination and not after 60, as established in the regulations.

Carlos Luis Tamayo, Director General of the IESS, explained the requirements that people must meet to access this benefit:

«Accredit 24 accumulated and not simultaneous contributions in dependency relation. Of which, at least 6 must be continuous and immediately prior to the contingency. In addition, they must make the request for payment of the benefit from the eighth day of being unemployed.

In the same way, the official warned that this has represented the disbursement of USD 12,753,591, therefore, the entity asked BIESS to deliver USD 1,300 million to cover its liquidity needs. This will also serve to replace the 40% contribution of the State to Social Security that has not been canceled since October 2019.

Source: Teleamazonas

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