Protests against female violence in Colombia

Legal Medicine in Colombia reported 355 women killed violently until in May.

Colombian feminist and social organizations, specifically from the Risaralda region, convened this Saturday a national cacerolazo against violence suffered by women in the country.

They also protest against the crime of rape committed by several members of the army against a 12-year-old Embera indigenous girl in the Resguardo Gito Dokabú, Pueblo Rico municipality, in Risaralda.

The former senator and fighter for human rights, Piedad Córdoba, reported that in the South American nation there are 16,473 cases of domestic violence and 6,400 complaints of sexual crimes.

According to the Colombian Feminicide Observatory from March 25 to mid-June, the period of quarantine and social isolation in Colombia by Covid-19, 102 murders of women are recorded.

Source: Telesur

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