Rafael Correa denounces that the Comptroller’s Office and a CNE adviser want to prevent his candidacy for the elections in 2021

“If they leave me, I will participate as a candidate for the vice presidency of Ecuador in the elections of 2021,” said the former president.

Former President Rafael Correa pointed out that the judicial cases against him respond to a political interest to prevent his participation as a candidate in the 2021 elections. Now, he said, the Comptroller and the CNE counselor, Luis Verdesoto, also want to avoid his participation.

Regarding the conflicts for the creation of his movement, he recalled that there was an impediment from the beginning and, after they found a space in the Fuerza Compromiso Social movement, the General Comptroller of the State, Pablo Celi, wants to eliminate them, unconstitutionally.

He emphasized that there is a “malicious” change in the recommendations of the reports on the verification of signatures of political movements.

While in the first report, in 2019, the Comptroller says that the CNE must monitor the legal situation of four political movements, among them, Fuerza Compromiso Social, in the second follow-up report, in 2020, they change the recommendation to:

“Void the legal status of the four movements.” “That is, it is no longer <<monitor >> but rather that (the Comptroller’s Office) is unconstitutionally ordering the CNE to eliminate it,” he reproached.

The former president also questioned the management of the health emergency by the current government:

“In the international press, everyone gives Ecuador an example of what not to do in the pandemic,” he said.

Finally, the former president assured that, if they leave him, he will be a candidate for the vice presidency of Ecuador for the elections of 2021.

“I have to be there, because of my persecuted companions. If my presence increases the probability of victory, I will have to be present, “Correa concluded.

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