Ecuador registers 54% more deaths than in previous years, explains expert

She indicated that this is because many patients with other pathologies are not being cared for by the health system.

Gabriela Meza, a member of the Pichincha Observatory, who analyzes the COVID19 data, indicated that until June 21, Ecuador registered a 54% increase in deaths compared to 2018 and 2019.

“Which means that the population is not only dying from Covid but from other pathologies that are left unattended.”

The expert pointed out that this reflects the little strengthening that the authorities have given to the first level Health Centers:

“Hospitals have focused on COVID but we have other patients”

She recalled the importance of the first level since not only minors, pregnant women and patients with other diseases are cared for there, but Covid 19 cases are also followed:

“You can determine if any symptoms have occurred and guide in a timely manner.”

On the other hand, she underlined that indeed the cases in Quito have increased and so far 5,912 of a total of 6,456 in Pichincha have been registered:

“It is important that citizens understand that every day they are exposed to contagion every day and that the pandemic is not controlled.”

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