Brazil privatizes water

The Workers’ Party was the only political force that opposed the initiative.

The Brazilian Senate approved a bill that will allow the privatization of public water and sanitation companies. This had been denounced by social movements, organizations, political actors and citizens, who defend water as a public good.

This project will go to the presidency for the sanction of President Jair Bolsonaro. Those who promoted this law consider that this will provide a better service.

However, Senator Rogério Carvalho, leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) caucus, expressed its inconsistencies on Twitter.

“The problem is that the proposal (…) favors large municipalities and can leave small ones aside, it is essential that wastewater and water treatment is also for these populations,” said Carvalho.

“We need to guarantee the treatment of water and sewerage for the population. Without privileges or restrictions. Even in the farthest corners, “he added.

The Workers’ Party (PT) was the only political organization, represented in the senatorial assembly, that voted against the project.

Carvalho also recalled that a similar situation had already been experienced in the country when electricity services were privatized.

“With the privatization of energy, a public program with public resources, such as Luz Para Todos, was needed to guarantee its universalization. Without Light For All, the Brazilian people would remain in the dark ”

Source: Telesur, social networks

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