Uruguay: Teachers call for a strike rejecting the Consideration Law

Photo: Hispantv
Photo: Hispantv

The Association of Teachers of Secondary Education of Montevideo (ADES Montevideo), the capital of Uruguay, is calling for a Thursday, July 2, a 24-hour strike against the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC) that is currently being debated in the national Congress.

The teachers agreed in a general assembly last Friday to also call for a mobilization in the Uruguayan capital against this package of measures, criticized by numerous social sectors, including the Broad Front.

These consider that the LUC does not reflect the country’s priorities and will mean a setback in the economy, education, public companies, unions and labor relations, among many other areas.

The decision to call the strike was motivated by the prohibition, by the Council of Secondary Education (CES), of the use of face masks with the phrase “EducarNoLUCrar”. This limitation will apply to all public high schools and dependencies in the country.

Source: Telesur, Montevideo portal, social networks

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