In Ecuador, politicians reject «pressure» from the Comptroller’s Office to eliminate the political party Fuerza Compromiso Social

They describe as «illegal» and a «blow to democracy» the report that sanctions three CNE advisers with dismissal for failing to comply with the Comptroller’s request to eliminate 4 political organizations

After the General Comptroller of the State (CGE) predetermined responsibilities with fine and dismissal against the three majority advisers of the National Electoral Council (CNE), for not eliminating four political parties, several related actors from the organizations involved, among them, the Former President Rafael Correa, rejected this report.

The exmandatario questioned the actions of the surrogate comptroller Pablo Celi on twitter.

«The moment of truth has arrived: either the majority of the CNE enforces the institution and democracy by removing Celi, or they lend themselves to FRAUD,» he said.

For its part, the prefect of Pichincha, Paola Pabón, clarified that

«Removing and fining CNE members who did not give way to pressure from the Comptroller is a blow to democracy in Ecuador.»

She assured that they seek to prevent the Fuerza Compromiso Social movement, made up of political actors who support former President Correa, from participating in the February 2021 elections.

The Assemblywoman for the Citizen Revolution, Marcela Aguiñaga, also echoed this announcement and said:

«They are uncomfortable with some politicians so they persecute them, they do not like a political group and seek to eliminate it, they do not agree with the decisions of the CNE so they want to remove their members.»

On the other hand, the Foreign Minister of the Republic, Ricardo Patiño, ruled on this office and expressed his rejection of a decision that, in his opinion, is illegal.

In this office, the Office of the Comptroller seeks the removal of the CNE president, Diana Atamaint, and the members José Cabrera and Esthela Acero for allowing four organizations (Fuerza Compromiso Social; Justicia Social; Podemos and Liberad es Pueblo) to continue to register and maintain their legal status.

In this way, Atamaint, Cabrera and Acero have 30 days to present their releases, for CGE to adopt a final resolution.

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