Foreigners residing in the country for at least five years may participate in the 2021 elections

Citizens can register on the CNE page and those who already participated in the 2019 elections do not need to register again.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) enabled online registration for foreigners legally residing in Ecuador.

The entity opened this link to comply with the constitutional mandate that establishes that foreign persons residing in the country have the right to vote as long as they have legally resided for at least five years.

This mechanism will allow citizens to be included in the Electoral Registry of the 2021 General Elections.

To do this, they must enter the website, or approach the provincial electoral delegations, as long as biosecurity conditions exist to do so in person.

The term to carry out this procedure expires on June 19.

The CNE clarified that people who have already registered in the Electoral Registry of the 2019 Elections will not have to carry out the procedure again.

In the case of any doubt, citizens can verify the information on the page of the electoral entity

Source: CNE, social networks

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