In Ecuador, the tourism sector registers losses of more than USD 600 million

Some hotels will close their activities as a consequence of the health emergency.

The National Federation of Tourism Chambers of Ecuador and the Ministry of Tourism agreed that the sector’s losses amount to approximately USD 640 million.

Holbach Muñetón, president of the Federation, indicated that hotels, travel and guide agencies and restaurants are the most affected by the health crisis.

Regarding the change to the stage of social distancing, he stated that the fact that the hotels are open does not mean that there is a reactivation.

He said that exact figures for hotels that have closed are not yet available, but generally reported that it could be around twenty.

“There are some hotels that will close for one or two years. We believe that 30% of the establishments will do it ”, he pointed out.

According to the manager, another situation that affects this sector is the closure of the airport and the restriction on free movement on land routes.

He added that sufficient assistance has not been provided from the State to the tourism industry for its reactivation, especially in terms of credit terms.

Source: Expreso, social networks

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