Ecuador will no longer require a PCR test of migrants who return to the country

The country’s airports begin operations on June 1 with 30% of frequencies and passengers

 The national Emergency Operations Committee (COE) approved that PCR testing will no longer be a requirement before boarding an airplane for the return of compatriots. But for those who have a negative COVID-19 result with this test, they will be able to fulfill the Mandatory Preventive Isolation (APO) at their homes.

While Ecuadorians who fail to obtain a PCR test in the country where they are, will have to comply with the APO at a hotel or reception center, as previously established. The Government Minister, María Paula Romo, said that all citizens, Ecuadorian or foreign, who arrive in the country must comply with the 14 days of isolation.

From June 1, operations will begin at all airports with national and international frequencies of up to 30% of their normal operation. But flights coming from countries with increases in COVID-19 cases, such as Brazil, will be suspended for an additional 15 days.

She clarified that the Guayaquil airport is the only one that will remain closed, for commercial flights, for an additional 15 days. While Galapagos has its own special regime rules for flights to the islands.

Regarding the mobilization of passengers for domestic flights, the minister explained that all the symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be taken so that a person can board. Those who register these symptoms will not be able to do so.

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