Ministry of Education prepares the second phase of progressive return

The minister indicated that the new school year for the Sierra will have three modalities, one of them homeschooling.

The Minister of Education, Moserrate Creamer, reported that an Advisory Council has been formed with international organizations in order to prepare students and teachers for a second phase.

This phase is the progressive return that will begin with rural areas with the youngest children.

She explained that for this new return, work is being done to reduce at least 60% of the procedures that teachers were required to carry out.

“Teachers have another type of day, we give them curricular guidelines, training, reducing procedures so that they focus on emotional support and learning,” said the minister.

On the other hand, she highlighted that three types of education will be offered: the face-to-face, the open one that will be combined between virtual and distance learning and the one that corresponds to homeschooling which means home schooling:

“Each one will have its cost regulation system, modality and technology. If you don’t want my son to go to school, they can choose the last two ”

Source: Teleamazonas

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