In Pichincha there are few beds to care patients with coronavirus

Of the 97 beds allocated in the intensive care areas of the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, only 8 would be available.

Despite the fact that the situation in Pichincha hospitals would be controlled, the numbers say otherwise.

In Quito alone, in a single day, more than 120 new infections were registered.

At the moment, the province is experiencing a critical situation with the coronavirus, the reports of patients with symptoms who enter the health homes confirm this.

For example, in the IESS Quito Sur hospital since last week, 150 people with the virus are admitted daily for emergencies.

Of the admitted patients, only 8% have complications during their hospitalization and require intensive care, but despite the fact that the percentage is small, the mortality rate in that area is high.

Since the start of the health emergency, at least 110 people entered intensive care, of these 40 died.

In the six hospitals that serve patients with COVID-19 from the Ministry of Health, the situation is already complicated in the intensive care units. Of the 97 beds arranged for the emergency, only eight would be available for new patients.

Source: Ecuavisa, social networks

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