Ecuadorian Consulate in Miami is not serving Ecuadorian migrants

Ecuadorian families stranded in the United States complain about the country’s lack of aid and its diplomatic headquarters.

Ricardo López González traveled from Guayaquil to the city of Miami, United States, along with his wife and son on March 14. They went only for a medical appointment from him, but they were left stranded by the coronavirus health emergency.

Miami airport, like that of other cities in the world, closed to prevent the spread of the pandemic by leaving them “in the air.”

“The time in the hotel was over and I asked for help from a friend who lived here and she took us into her house,” says Ricardo. This is how he solved the hosting problem.

However, he did not believe that their stay would be prolonged, that they would remain an alien country and that they would not receive help from Ecuador.

“I have visited the Miami Consulate several times and it is closed, with a piece of paper on the door that dictates telephones and emails to communicate, we call and send emails and nobody answers,” he regrets.

He says that his economic situation worsens and Ecuador’s diplomatic offices in Miami do not help him. But it’s not the only case.

Jaime de la Cruz, audiovisual producer, along with his wife and three minor children, experience the same story. They have accommodation thanks to friends residing in New York.

The Ecuadorian consulates and embassies in that city do not respond to them either. He assures that there are many similar cases.

Accessing a humanitarian flight is very expensive. “At the end of March, the person we left in charge of an enterprise we have in Guayaquil, became seriously ill with coronavirus and died, Jaime said

On social networks Twitter and Facebook, dozens of people have expressed the same complaint: the lack of government aid and how expensive humanitarian flights are, which are paid for by the passengers themselves. According to Ricardo, a humanitarian flight from Miami to Guayaquil costs around USD800 per person.

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