Teachers do not receive their salaries

In March, there were delays due to the lack of resources from the Government.

 The Teacher Network and the National Union of Educators (UNE) reported that they still do not receive the April salaries. This is the second month since the health emergency began, in which delays are observed.

Nelly Miño, National Deputy Coordinator of the Teacher Network, commented that the item has not been accredited and she does not know when the corresponding authorities will do so.

Miño is concerned about not knowing when they will receive their salary, because the teachers are also mothers and fathers of the family.

Isabel Vargas, president of the UNE, also spoke in that regard. She pointed out that as a union they have not yet taken any action because they expect their salary to be paid to them until this Tuesday, May 5.

The representative of the teaching profession indicated that last month there was already a delay in the payment of public sector salaries, so she considered that this situation will be similar this month.

She mentioned that in March the payment was made after April 13, Teacher’s Day.

In the tax centers, the teachers got used to collecting their salaries between the 25th and 30th of each month, but with the passage of time that reality changed.

On another matter, Miño pointed out that on April 30, the Teachers’ Network sent a letter to the Education Commission of the National Assembly to request answers for the dismissal of teachers.

In addition, the UNE calls for a budget cut to education in general.

Source: El Comercio, Red de Maestros, UNE

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