Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control runs out of resources

 The Ministry of Finance subtracted the values ​​they had planned for mail services, per diem, communication, office supplies, among others.

Given the austerity measures implemented due to lack of resources, the Ministry of Finance decided to zero the accounts of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS) for the next four-month period.

The budget that had been assigned to the Participation Council until January amounted to USD 7 781 308, but over time this was modified.

The CPCCS requested USD 163 998 for the following months of the year, but the amount that Finance validated was ‘zero’. That is to say, the values ​​that they had foreseen for mail services, per diem, communicational, office supplies, among others, were subtracted.

The decision is based on article 74 of the Planning and Public Finance Code, in addition to the guidelines that were issued on April 16 for the fulfillment of the five functions of the State.

Among them, it was warned that the budgetary certifications of permanent and non-permanent spending will be liquidated and it will be verified that they do not affect the institutional development, or the purchase of goods and services related to the decrees and emergency agreements.

In addition, it was established that it will not be possible to hire personnel, except those who return by commission of services or licenses with or without remuneration or to replace someone who left their position in March.

In the case of the positions of the higher hierarchical level that were vacant in the first quarter, they will maintain that condition.

Occasional service contracts and provisional appointments scheduled until March will be untied and will not be replaced.

Added to this were other parameters related to the workplace.

Source: El Universo, Ministry of Finance

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