Eugenio Espejo Hospital manager is dismissed and he denounces the existence of mafias

The official would have refused to accept a group of people who allegedly wanted to profit from health.

 The manager of the Eugenio Espejo Hospital, Pablo Izquierdo Pinos, was dismissed from his duties by the Minister of Health, refusing to accept “the circle of people who would profit from health.”

In a letter released to the media, Izquierdo revealed that it was the second time that he had refused to comply with that order.

He said that, a day before receiving the notification, he received the backing of the Minister, but that now it was he who asked for his departure.

“The power of these people must be such in the highest spheres of the Government, that we have processes where there are millionaire businesses, but they expose all the personnel by giving little importance to the purchase of N95 masks or personal protective equipment! .

He expressed his shame at not having the proper tools to face the pandemic and insisted that “powerful forces govern the hospital.”

He commented that he comes out with dignity by not being part of “that macabre game against the life of Ecuadorians” and anticipated that he will continue to denounce this type of act before the media.

Source: Letter from Pablo Izquierdo Pinos,, social networks

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