Diario La Hora employees feel their rights violated

Notifications were received by WhatsApp and email.

On International Labor Day, Diario La Hora employees made their outrage public at the way they were fired from their jobs.

Through a letter to the Executive, the National Assembly, the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control, and the Office of the Ombudsman, indicated that their rights are violated, once the company in which they worked was protected by article 169 , number 6 of the Labor Code to make that decision.

The workers pigeonholed this act of force majeure or fortuitous event as an untimely dismissal and affirmed that the medium continues to publish content digitally.

They indicated that their managers have not been clear even with the rest of the employees about the time that they will remain in operation, for which they pointed out that “an infraction” is being committed and that the labor legislation sanctions in favor of the worker, whose rights have been violated .

The employees stated that the media was already facing a crisis, even before the health emergency occurred, but that despite this they had been assured that they would not close because there were accounts receivable, especially from state companies for an amount half a million dollars.

Despite that, the notifications through emails and WhatsApp surprised them.

They recalled that it was the Government that demanded agreements between employers and employees to avoid layoffs, something that in this case did not happen.

The former workers join the list of dismissed from the media, just as Canal Uno, El Universo, El Comercio, among others, have done.

Source: La Hora newspaper workers letter, social networks

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