Yachay develops mechanism to triple coronavirus screening tests in Ecuador

The institution estimates that the results of the exams will be delivered in just 24 hours.

The current number of rapid detection tests for coronaviruses in Ecuador would triple, due to a coordinated study between the Yachay Experimental Technology Research University and the private Ecuadorian laboratory Onelabt, located in the province of Santa Elena.

The two entities developed a high-performance technique to cover demand.

Through a statement, Yachay reported that a team from the institution specialized in nanotechnology produced magnetic nanoparticles that allow this virus to be detected.

For Frank Alexis, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Yachay Tech, this technique allows for a clean sample and reduces detection time.

For his part, Franklin Pérez, general manager of Onelabt, stressed that the joint effort with Yachay Tech has been very important for the development of this project.

With this procedure you could have results of up to 384 samples every 20 minutes, which would avoid more infections.

Although Onelabt is a laboratory that has specialized, for 15 years, in the area of ​​genetics and diagnosis of diseases for shrimp, in the face of the health emergency, its mission has focused on carrying out massive tests to detect COVID-19.

By tripling the tests, the delivery time of the results will be in just 24 hours.

Hermann Mena, Rector of Yachay commented that once this laboratory is accredited, tests will be carried out throughout the northern part of the country.

Source: Yachay, El Comercio

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