240 hectares of vegetation affected by fires in Chimborazo and Tungurahua

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, March 25, several forest fires are registered in the cantons of Chimborazo and Tungurahua.

Four large forest fires were registered since Friday of the previous week in the Chambo and Penipe cantons, Chimborazo; as well as in Píllaro and Patate, Tungurahua.

According to preliminary data, at least 240 hectares of vegetation were affected.

The first fire was in the Guayavillas sector. The Chambo and Riobamba Firefighters together with the citizens of the sector controlled the flames.

However, according to Freddy Nieto, zonal coordinator 3 of the National Risk and Emergency Management Service (SNGRE), approximately 70 Ha of a community area were lost in this fire.

While in Bayushig of the Penipe canton, also in Chimborazo, the forest fire that started on Friday consumed approximately 70 Ha, of which around 80% of the scourge had been controlled but which, due to the effects of the winds on Tuesday night, returned to reactivate.

Nieto commented that this Wednesday the staff of the cantonal fire department began working in Bayushig, but that support was requested from those of Baños, Pelileo and Riobamba. In addition, the collaboration of Quito with an aircraft was requested, but due to weather conditions, it has not yet become effective.

On the other hand, the personnel of the Ministry of the Environment have managed to control around 80% of the forest fire registered in the Llanganates National Park, in the Píllaro canton, Tungurahua. In this fire, around 50 hectares of grassland and small vegetation typical of the moors were affected.

He reported that in the hamlet of Puñapí, in Patate, Tungurahua province, it was possible to control another forest fire, but that as a result of this another scourge occurred in La Joya Alta.

The Patate Fire Department monitors the three heat sources that exist in the area, which are currently controlled.

Arson fires

Most forest fires were started, Nieto said.

He asked the population to remain vigilant to these types of events and report when they see something suspicious to the ECU 911 in order to deploy the resources that allow them to be controlled. (C.D.A.)

SOURCE: The Universe

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