Toll road Píntag-El Volcán is not under the control of Pichincha Prefecture

The Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Pichincha informed that the toll of the Píntag-El Volcán highway is not under the control of this entity.

On Wednesday, February 19, Pichincha Prefecture suffered attacks by several local political leaders of the Pintag parish. They «violently entered the facilities of the Government of Pichincha» said the Prefecture through their social networks.

Fully identified local political leaders from Pintag violently entered the GADPP facilities, although a technical team from the institution would receive them, there was never a previous attempt to promote a dialogue table, violence is not the way.

The Government of Pichincha through an official statement, has ratified to the citizens that for them it is a priority to serve the community, they are always open to dialogue with the different social actors of the province, however they have said, violence and Attack on the Government of Pichincha, home of the Pichinchanas and Pichinchanos, is no road.

From the operation of a toll on the Píntag-EL Volcán road, the GADPP has indicated that a municipal ordinance is in force, which ignores the powers of the Pichincha Government and keeps this toll running, the statement states that the collection should be used for maintenance vial

There is a request for review of said municipal ordinance issued by the previous administration of the Prefecture, as it goes against the current legislation and the Constitution regarding the powers that the GADPP has in rural areas.

Finally, they have stated that agreements cannot be reached that improve Pichincha’s roads with violence, pressure and force. The leaders of Píntag have not requested the current administration to maintain the road, nor have we received any demand.

Being on Wednesday, February 19, the first approach the Government of Pichincha rejects the violent form of the same, however, they have said that they will always be willing to dialogue and plan the best for the 53 parishes of Pichincha in the framework of respect and work together.

Source: Government of the Province of Pichincha

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