Arcotel Director did not appear at the Legislature to explain Pichincha Universal radio case

This Wednesday, February 19, the director of the Telecommunications Regulation and Control Agency (Arcotel), Ricardo Freire, had to appear before the Collective Rights Commission of the Legislature to explain the justifications for requesting the termination of the Pichincha Universal radio rating certificate .

However, for the second time in a row the official did not attend, according to the secretary of the parliamentary table, Carlos Romero, who explained that the director of Arcotel sent a communication stating that he can not deliver information, because there is a file administered in progress.

The request for the appearance of the director of Arcotel was made by the Assemblyman of the Citizen Revolution Juan Cristóbal Lloret, a member of the Collective Rights Commission, in defense of freedom of communication and expression.

Juan Cárdenas believes that it is serious that the director of Arcotel has not appeared, subtracting authority from the Legislature.

Assemblyman Juan Cárdenas believes that the director of Arcotel should be insisted because the provision to withdraw the frequency to Pichincha Universal radio has to be explained and justified.

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