Ricardo Rivera’s Defense files protection measure due to Odebrecht case ruling

Photo: El Universo

The deadline to file the appeal expires on December 24.

Ricardo Rivera -the uncle of former Vice President Jorge Glas and prosecuted in the Odebrecht case- exhausted the legal instances for his defense.

Rivera’s lawyer, Anibal Quinde filed a protective measure before the Justice National Court, whose court ratified in October the six-year sentence for criminal conspiracy.

In accordance with the regulations of the Organic Law of Constitutional Guarantees, the constitutional action for Ricardo Rivera must be filed in the judiciary where the alleged rights violation occurred and within a maximum period of 20 days from the written notification of the sentence, which expires on December 24.

“It is the Constitutional Court that must analyze whether or not there was a rights violation and that is what we are going to argue,” Quinde said. Subsequently, he would present an appeal for reconsideration before the National Court of Justice.

In Ecuador, Odebrecht would have given public officials $ 33.5 million to benefit from public contracts.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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