Ombudsman Office’s Twitter account is suspended

They warned that any type of institutional information will be announced through other official media.

“The Ombudsman’s Office will not be silenced,” said this entity that protects human rights and nature, by reporting that its institutional Twitter account was suspended.

In a statement, they said that the institution will not shut up «even when, apparently, certain interests intend to do so with the attack on the official Twitter account.»

They said they will continue expressing themselves about the facts that violate human rights and nature, «in their desire to protect the citizens’ welfare and their social and natural environment.»

In order to restore the twitter account, they said that the institution will activate its technological mechanisms and will report these facts to the competent authorities for the corresponding investigation and sanction.

They explained that their actions are maintained in each case of rights violation. «Our voice will remain firm to inform everyone about our management.»

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones

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