Provincial Council approves resolution which will prevent Pabon from losing Pichincha’s Prefecture

Photo: GADDP

The report protects Pabon’s political rights, in accordance with IACHR’s resolution.

The Provincial Council -chaired by the subrogant prefect Alexandro Tonello- approved a resolution by which it guarantees the political rights of Paola Pabon, with the aim of preventing her from losing her position as Prefect of Pichincha.

To prevent Paola Pabon from leaving office, the Provincial Council approved ratifying the subrogation of Vice Prefect Alexandro Tonello, while the Prefect is absent.

The resolution reads:

“As part of the Ecuadorian State (Provincial Council of Pichincha) it accepts the IACHR’s call so that, in accordance with Article 23.2 of the American Convention and the regulations on the matter, it fully respects the political rights of the people elected through of a popular referendum.”

And article three of the report says:

“To ratify the subrogation of office of Prefect of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of Pichincha to Mr. Engineer Alexandro Tonello Carrera, Vice Prefect, in accordance with Article 52 of the Organic Code of Territorial Organization, Autonomy, and Decentralization. “

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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