CNIPN asks to investigate expressions of hatred against Indigenous people

Photo: teleSUR

“Recommend them to stay in the moor.” “Pin the feather on the Indigenous Vargas.” “Indigenous people found, Indigenous people arrested.”

The National Council for the Equality of Peoples and Nationalities (CNIPN) warned that, following the October protests, there has been “a dangerous increase in expressions with a high burden of regionalism, racism, discrimination, and hatred towards peoples and nationalities.” For this reason, they ask the judicial and human rights authorities to investigate these expressions.

They explained that “the serious thing” is the people who said that. “They are people of public trajectory who work as political leaders, as well as several media outlets that should generate content based on ethical principles.”

For instance, the former mayor of Guayaquil, Jaime Nebot said: “Recommend them to stay in the moor.” The women of the aristocracy in Guayaquil said: “Pin the feather on the Indigenous Vargas,” replacing “pin the tail on the donkey.” Journalists Andersson Boscan and Luis Eduardo Vivanco from “La Posta” said: “Indigenous people found, Indigenous people arrested.”

They pointed out that this “shows the intolerance and ignorance of knowing us as a Plurinational State, that also seeks to achieve an intercultural society.” The document is signed by the head of this Secretariat, Angel Tipan.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones.

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