Ministry of Internal Affairs would have ordered the suspension of Pichincha Universal’s website

Pichincha Universal has been accused of attacking the Government after publishing a complaint from Congressman Roberto Gomez which would involve Maria Paula Romo’s uncle.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs requested the suspension of the hosting page, where Pichincha Universal is, after it published an article related to an audio where Minister Maria Paula Romo was involved. This was shared by Congressman Roberto Gomez (CREO) to several media outlets and to the National Assembly.

An email arrived to our hosting page, it read “your client publishes a private conversation protected by law. In this communication, the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Ecuador is heard.”

Pertaining to the audio released by Gomez, which involved the former manager of the Hospital “Luis Gabriel Davila” and Maria Paula Romo, Pichincha Universal published an article yesterday, November 28, 2019. Our media outlet used the audio to write an article from another digital media. We also requested that the Government Minister to verify the leaked audio, yet we received no response.

It should be noted that this audio was also presented by the legislator before a National Assembly Committee this week. In a similar fashion, the congressman shared this audio to other media sources. However, other media and digital pages have not been requested to delete the article or remove it from the server.

“The interception, publication, and dissemination of this call is a serious crime, which directly attacks the Government of the Republic of Ecuador,” the statement reads, requesting the immediate elimination of the article and the suspension of Pichincha Universal’s website.

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