Uruguay: Luis Lacalle Pou wins Presidential elections

Photo: EPA/EFE

A right-wing political party will once again have control of the Uruguayan presidency.

The Frente Amplio candidate for the Uruguayan presidency, Daniel Martinez, announced that he accepts the results of the second round of the elections, thus, conceding the leadership to the right-wing candidate Luis Lacalle Pou.

The results of the second electoral round in Uruguay showed a slight advantage for the Partido Nacional candidate over Martinez.

“The evolution of the scrutiny of the votes observed does not change the trend, therefore we accept the elected president @LuisLacallePou, with whom I will hold a meeting tomorrow. I thank those who trusted us with their vote from my heart,” Martinez tweeted.

Martinez added that “we will continue to defend democracy with more force than ever,” despite losing a very close election to the right-wing Partido Nacional Party.

Source: teleSUR.

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