Paola Pabon: “They try to snatch the Prefecture from the first woman who fills this position in 73 years”

Photo: Pichincha's Prefecture

“Our best revenge will be to give dignity to women.”

As part of the Art Festival for the Nonviolence Against Women Day, Alexandro Tonello read a letter written by Paola Pabon, who is being held in Latacunga prison.

“I write this letter to all women of Pichincha from the prison in Latacunga. I have been imprisoned for 41 days without explanation, more than the hatred of my executioners.

I have mixed feelings. I am happy because the dream of Pichincha, a territory free of violence, begins to come true, but at the same time, I feel nostalgic. I can’t hide my sadness, I would have loved to be with you today.

Today, the way for our province to eradicate all forms of discrimination and violence begins. Today, when the opposition intends to snatch the Prefecture from the first woman who managed to fill this position in 73 years, our best revenge will be to give dignity to our women. To ensure that in this province, we women are not afraid, that in Pichincha the rates of physical, psychological and sexual violence decrease.

Here we are firm and courageous to defend ourselves against neoliberalism and patriarchy, to fight for our rights, for decent wages, for the sovereignty of our bodies, for our right to decide, but above all to defeat the pandemic of violence.

A hug to all the women of Pichincha and Ecuador, thanks for your sorority. Thank you for giving us a voice to those of us who don’t know how to express ourselves today. Thank you for denouncing the political violence that has violated our freedom.

Sincerely, Paola Pabon.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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