Court rejects Habeas Corpus for Paola Pabon

Photo: RPU

Ramiro Aguilar will submit her situation to the IACHR.

The Court of Justice of Pichincha rejected the habeas corpus appeal filed by Ramiro Aguilar, lawyer of Paola Pabon. He said that, despite the rejection, it was ratified that the preventive detention resource has been carried out slowly.

According to Aguilar, this mechanism should be exhausted in order to add it to the prevention measures file, which will be submitted to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR). “The IACHR will be informed on the Habeas Corpus refusal,” he added.

“We thought that legality and transparency would succeed, but we are in this circle of justice politicization. Now, we have to wait until November 28. We hope that the judges will give us the freedom and will allow Paola to leave with prevention measures,” Prefect’s sister Priscila Pabon said.

Pabon will remain in preventive detention and with the acknowledgment of the Court that her appeal has been carried out with extreme slowness.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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