President Moreno denounces Unasur Treaty

Photo: Pichincha Universal

In March, the President announced that they began the procedures to leave the regional entity.

President Lenin Moreno denounced in full the regional organization Consultative Treaty through Executive Decree 915 after the National Assembly approved the complaint of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) treaty.

In September, of the 119 Assembly members present, there were 79 votes in favor, 36 negatives, and four abstentions during the Legislative Plenary session to denounce the treaty.

The Sovereignty Commission report concluded that Unasur “was born with weakness since it was formed as a process led by governments and not by states. Unasur Treaty’s purpose has not been fulfilled: to build an integration space.”

“With the withdrawal of Unasur, Ecuador loses the possibility of becoming a world pole,” lawmaker Gabriela Rivadeneira said.

In March, President Moreno announced that the government has begun internal procedures to officially leave the Unasur Treaty. He added that “it has concluded that there are no conditions for Unasur to return to work for South American integration.”

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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