Forensics analyze pieces of printed sheets as evidence against Pabon

Photo: Paola Pabon's Facebook

In addition, they have phone call transcripts that were intercepted from Pabon’s cell phone.

Paola Pabon’s lawyer, Ramiro Aguilar said “they have nothing,” about the news that pieces of A4 printed sheets are part of the evidence analyzed by forensics in this case.

According to El Comercio, forensics rebuilt the papers found in the garbage dumps of Pichincha’s Prefecture. According to researchers, these documents contain instructions on the collection of “voluntary contributions” to finance the mobilizations during the strike that took place between October 3 and 13, 2019.

“Old news. That is what the Prosecutor’s Office said with chats since October 15 at 05:00 and now with A4 papers found in the trash. Prosecutor’s Office has nothing,” Pabon’s defense tweeted.

Former President Rafael Correa also reacted to this news. “They finally got “evidence!” The crime of rebellion implies sponsorship of armed groups. A4 sheets thrown at close range can be lethal!”

Phone call transcripts are other evidence that the Prosecutor’s Office has. Five cell phone numbers were intercepted with a court order. In one of them, orders such as these would have been given: “The whole neighborhood must go on strike and ask for the President’s impeachment.”

Source: Pichincha Universal

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