Uruguay: Results would reveal a runoff

Photo: Reuters

Some 2.7 million Uruguayans were summoned to vote Sunday.

The first results from validated exit polls indicate that there will be a second electoral round between the leftist Broad Front candidate Daniel Martinez and right-wing representative of the National Party Luis Lacalle Pou after Sunday’s elections.

The leftist Broad Front would reach around 37 to 40 percent of the votes while its contender the National Party would have around 30 percent, meaning an absolute majority over 50 percent would not be reached resulting in a runoff vote to be held on Nov. 24.

“We will continue to do everything to ensure stability and certainties. Uruguay has to continue growing, distributing wealth and being a land of justice,” Martinez said while acknowledging the Broad Front will face Lacalle in a second round.

While the security ‘Live without Fear’ referendum, presented by National Party’s Jorge Larraña, was rejected as it didn’t obtain more than 50 percent of the popular vote.

Source: teleSUR.

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