Oswaldo Jarrin: Peace zones were “logistic supply centers for protesters”

Photo: Twitter

He said the Public Force had “an absolutely defensive attitude. They never went on an offensive.”

Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrin considers that the action of universities and peace centers was «to attend protesters and groups that were acting in vandalism.» He reported this to the National Assembly Sovereignty Commission on October 23, 2019.

“We had the participation of universities and centers, which were called peace centers but they were logistic supply centers for demonstrators and groups that acted in vandalism,” Jarrin said at his appearance.

He noted that there was a strategy for the overthrow of the Government, political instability and completion of the democratic State. Therefore, he said that the Public Force was destined to fulfill its functions, “in an absolutely defensive attitude. They never went on an offensive,” he clarified.

The minister assured that the attitude never changed. It was always to protect the people and resources, as well as to strategic facilities.

About implements used by demonstrators, he indicated that during Molotov cocktails «not only fuel and wick were used, but they added sticky substances such as oils or chemicals so they remain stuck.»

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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